Chelsey Park provides compassionate long-term care in London, Ontario

This letter comes to commend your staff…”

“…for a very welcoming admission. Lindsey was ready to welcome us and had a welcome sign in the lobby. My mother couldn’t see this due to vision loss, but Lindsey thoughtfully mentioned it to Mom upon her arrival.

I was impressed by the very thorough admission process… every aspect of Mom’s recent health care was reviewed, and Lindsey was very knowledgeable and quick to determine Mom’s needs.

I also wish to thank your dietician… Sue.. who made time to talk with us. She made a point of making the admission process “all about my mother”. Sue took Mom’s arm and her hand, due to Mom’s low vision, and was very compassionate in trying to determine Mom’s needs. Sue explained that all food was made on site, e.g., tomato soup. Mom said that it was her favourite and when I saw Mom at lunch she was enjoying… tomato soup. I’m not sure if was on the menu that day, but it sure made Mom feel comfortable… and I feel that Sue had something to do with Mom’s first lunch…

Please extend my thanks to all of your staff for the amazing compassion that they show to residents.

Mom has only been there a short time, but all staff have shown her the utmost respect and care.”

LT – Resident Family Member

On behalf of myself and my family…”

“…I would like to thank each and every one of you for the genuine care and compassion that you showed not only to my father but also to the other residents of our home. I tell everyone who asks about the excellent care he received there.”

JH – Resident Family Member

“I want to thank each and every one of you…”

“…for all the loving care that you gave my father. I cannot express enough the thanks I have for the tenderness and genuine caring that you gave to him. I was truly blessed that he went to your home.”

SA – Resident Family Member

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